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Services We Provide

  1. Long Term & Short Term Staff – For projects, busy seasons, high-turnover jobs and cost control.
  2. Temp-To-Hire – Allows both the company as well as the employee to work on a temporary trial period before committing to full time. During this time, skills, attitude and ability to fit into a work environment can be evaluated.
  3. On-Site Partnership- A partner relationship for larger companies with 30+ ongoing temporary employees. Staff Right provides an onsite full-time On-Site Supervisor to work with both client supervisors, training, orientation and discipline/counseling, when necessary. Specific billing reports can also be provided.
  4. Direct Hire-  We source for the ideal candidate and offer a guarantee.
  5. Payroll Services – We provide all of the human resource aspects for your employees including paycards, payroll taxes, workers compensation, and employee benefits.
  6. Corporate Contracts – We can provide volume rate discount programs for corporate clients who use our temporary employees at one or multiple sites.

Payroll and Billing

Just simply verify the hours worked by our temporary employees and pay the weekly invoice.

Our responsibilities are the following:

  • Pay employees on a weekly basis.
  • Pay all Federal and State unemployment taxes as well as FICA and FUTA.
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage.
  • Provide Quarterly Wage Reports and Annual W-2’s.


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Our Vision

To be one of the best staffing agencies in providing safe and accurate placement of employees to our clients.